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Ashrafi Home Renovation
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Ashrafi Home Renovation
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1. Customers who have been referred by their friends and family who have been our past clients can receive a 12% discount on the prices presented.
2. Customers who find us online, through social media or search engines, will be able to use a 10% discount on the presented prices.
3. Customers who find us through flyers and banner advertisements may enjoy a 6% discount on the presented prices. Using the contact us page, you may let us know the details of how you found us to enjoy the
New customers:

There is no need to worry if your previous selection of professional help for your project resulted in less than favourable outcomes. Check out our previous work and the services we offer, choose us and sit back and watch us change the bitterness of your last experience and turn it into satisfaction with innovative solutions and diligent, beautiful work on your home.

We are in the business of maintaining satisfaction!
By displaying our previous work, we strive to show you our expertise in our field and reassure our customers who have selected us for their home’s construction, renovation, restoration, and even beautification.
We are ready to lend you our skills and expertise, honed by over 40 years of experience, so you can rest assured that we will accomplish exemplary work for your home.
Our greatest pleasure at the end of every job is the smile of satisfaction on our customer’s faces.
Leave your outdoor and indoor renovation work to us and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of your home and the sweet life inside.
Call today.
Reach us through the contact us page by phone or email.

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Here, you can check out a number of our past jobs in Iran and Canada and find out about our
areas of expertise.